Client Spotlight: Gluru

Gluru goes one step further and identifies tasks and meetings from your paired Gmail account.

Gluru's 'Schedule' feature shows you everything you need to accomplish today.

Inside our creative workspaces across London, we've got a range of clients working on some really interesting stuff.

In our first Client Spotlight, we take a look at productivity app creator and developer, Gluru.

Matteo Tadjo Kotch, Product Marketing Executive at Gluru, says: "Gluru is the smartest to do list available. Supercharging both personal and professional productivity, it helps you know what to do, how to do it, and when it need to be done by."

We are the next step in the evolution of productivity-boosting apps

He continues: "Due to our multi-patented approach to artificial intelligence (AI), Gluru can even connect to your Gmail to identify tasks from your emails and calendar to keep you on top of your workload."

Gluru uses a mix of machine learning, natural language processing and deep learning to produce its key feature, 'Suggested'. This is how Gluru produces its recommendations on what you need to do from your emails and calendar appointments – all you have to do is complete, schedule or dismiss.

Get an overview of your day with Gluru's 'Schedule' feature and keep your focus with its organised lists functionality.

Matteo adds: "While other productivity-boosting apps are reactive, ours is proactive. We are the next step in the evolution of productivity-boosting apps."

Download Gluru now for free on Google Play or the App Store. Or visit Gluru's website.

Check out Gluru's office below: