What does success mean to you?

The word "success" means something different to everyone. One person could define it as making the world a better place and another as having the highest salary.

Chasing success can be thrilling but it can also lead to burnout, so how can we redefine what success means to us?

The richest man in the world says he has no use for money and instead now focuses his time and money on more prominent world issues. Bill Gates has a net worth of $83.9billion and owns a home worth $124million. He's now given away $28billion, has a plan to eradicate polio, and also stated that he has no need for money.

A TED Talk by Richard St John – a man who is considered a "success expert" and has written speeches for CEOs, won several design awards and run over 50 marathons – says that chasing and achieving success led him to laziness. St John said that success is clouded by money and we shouldn't perceive it as a journey with an endpoint, but as a cycle which needs to be maintained. 

An article by Kimanzi Constable – a world-traveling author, consultant, and coach – says success should be replaced by freedom. In other words, the harder you work, the more you earn you earn, and the more freedom you have. Freedom means being able to live a life that you can be happy to live in each day, that opens you up to experiences and makes you proud to look back on.

He suggests that unfortunately, too many people get caught up in the byproduct of success – money – so much that they do not find freedom.

So what's the moral of the story? Bill Gates' story tells us to follow passion, not paycheques. Richard St. John says success should be a continuous cycle that needs to be maintained. Kimanzi Constable says that money is a byproduct of success, but freedom is what we should be seeking.

Find passion, stay motivated, seek freedom.